Calligraphy projects vary greatly, from wedding invitations to tattoo design. Doing calligraphy is a highly organic process that takes creativity, inspiration, care, and most importantly- time!

Traditional ink and paper calligraphy projects generally start with pencil sketching, making adjustments where needed, and then inking. Calligraphy is not just limited to ink and paper however- glass, wood, fabric, metal, and a variety of other materials can also be used. Material selection, sizing, and other details are discussed during the initial meeting or call with the client.  The final work is delivered by courier).

Digital calligraphy projects are either done using pen and ink which are then transferred into digital format, or, drawn digitally using a tablet and electronic pencil. All of our calligraphy is proudly done by hand to ensure you receive 100% unique and original lettering in your project.

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